Ung Long Service protection

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Vary depending on individual characteristics of each company, factory, factories, warehouses, parking, hotels, office buildings, banks, housing, supermarkets, construction sites ...
Accompanying personal protection at work, place of residence and in active communication, move. Content protection is mainly: the life and health (not sourced from disease) and personal property of the following persons are protected.
Efficient high will not work if you have too many worries. Let us work together with your shoulder. From the factory, workshop, office or sports events, music festivals, ... we will ensure the absolute safety. Security guard our chosen according to the strictest standards of proficiency, fitness and health in order to best meet customers' requirements.
All applicants must undergo inspection fitness, health, tests, interviews to determine the ability, capability, knowledge and experience ... to ensure achieving the standards of recruitment.
Escort Service transportation assets and cash value for the company, commercial centers ... in the transportation accompanied by a team of professional staff and modern equipment completely Customers when the whole can be assured their assets entrusted to us.


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During the past four years, Yinglong Corp was honored to be trusted by the Patriarch of Vinh Nghiem Pagoda in the task of entrusting the protection of His Holiness the Gyalwang Drukpa and ensuring security during the Fa conference.
Ung Long Corp's bodyguard, event guard is always proud of and affirms the quality, style and professionalism of the protection and monitoring of the "HEARING BODY BODY" Gyalwang Drukpa - The event was held at the REX Hotel with the attendance of over 2,000 Buddhists and visitors.
This morning, the family consists of 6 timber owners who were found dead in a pool of blood in spacious villa is located on Highway 13, Binh Phuoc. Ministry of Public Security said it had summoned a suspect.
Heard the nanny, baby girl 18 months - the youngest of Le Van American (48) cried. Next to her is the parent body in the blindfolded condition.



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